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Our heritage stems back to the early 1990s when over 1,100 entrepreneurial farm families built our state-of-the-art durum mill and pasta manufacturing plant. We quickly grew to become the third largest pasta manufacturer in North America. Today, we are proud to be part of Post Holdings, Inc. We make over 150 pasta shapes from Acini de Pepe to Ziti Rigati in traditional, whole wheat, organic recipes and more! People across America and beyond enjoy our pasta daily in restaurants, at home and through convenience prepared meals.

Machine/Grinder Operator

Operations Administrative


Job Details


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Getting information regarding Production schedule to be followed on his/her shift
  • Checking the line starting from the Primary mill to the Filler (position of valves, settings, ingredients etc.)
  • Startup SOP of the Primary mill, pumps, Urschel grinders their pumps, PB line, as per SOP
  • Checking out vacuum tank & votators functioning
  • Looking up & understanding the Recipe‚Äôs for products to be run on the GBF planning board
  • Calculation of ingredients addition rate according to run speed required for product
  • Starting up of Product cooling system as soon as ingredients addition verified & enough product in PB De aeration vacuum tank.
  • Circulating product till desired fill temperature as specified in GBF planning board
  • Getting filler pre operationally ready & starting to fill as soon as fill temperature attained
  • Sampling of first filled PB in the Lab to ensure correct grind & colour are achieved and in case of crunchy product also ensure desired crunchy percentage (%) is achieved.
  • Changeover of products. Line flush out & re calculation of ingredients
  • Sampling & verification after each product change over
  • Sample collection for each product as per Lab requirements
  • Changing over from with ingredients to natural PB & Changing over from Organic to conventional & back
  • Production of Crunchy, setting up crunchy feeder & operation and Grind out of crunchy from the line.
  • Keeping the PB line area clean using the manpower available on the PB line.
  • Cleaning up after any spillage in the shift and recording and informing supervisor of the wasted quantity.
  • Setting up & producing using Bulk filler
  • Completing and accurately recording all documentation as required
  • Hand over to next shift PB Line operator
  • Carry out responsibilities as assigned from time to time by the supervisor/manager.
  • Education And Experience Required:

  • High School or College Diploma
  • Experience in a manufacturing/food processing plant an asset
  • Experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook etc.)
  • Preferred Education, Experience, and Skills:

  • High School or Post-secondary diploma
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Some ability to multi-task, stay organized and problem solve
  • Some mathematical skills such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and be fluent in American weights and measurements.
  • Good team skills and ability to work effectively in a team setting with all departments.
  • Physical Requirements: Qualified candidates must be able to perform the following physical job requirements, with or without reasonable accommodation:

  • Ability to lift up to 25lbs from the hip height up
  • Able to work in hot environment
  • Constant twisting of the torso
  • Required to stand for most of the time
  • Qualifications

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